How It Works

1) PICK out a dance move from a Hip Hop Curriculum book based on the level of students you are teaching (conveniently in a 3-ring binder so that you don't have to hold the 10-pound manual while dancing)
2) READ the descriptions, follow the pictures and/or check the video (which is filmed from behind the dancer facing into the mirror)
3) REPEAT Steps 1-2 until you have the desired dance length using either the 4-Beat Dance Moves or 8-Beat Dance Moves (there are thousands of dances you can make putting together any 8 moves!)
4) HELP students fill in their individual Student Programs (included with goals & progress tracking)
5) AFTER students have learned several hip hop dance moves, they will be able to put together their own dances (which can be performed for the class & graded by their instructor)

Click here to download a sample 4-Count .PDF, "K-Ball" (Level 3)
*Note, pictures are mirrored so that users don't have to think backwards.

Above - Video Demo Dancing of "K-Ball" (Level 3, 4-Counts)
Below - Video Demo Dancing of "Hawk Strike" (Level 5, 8-Counts)